About Tribeca Private.

Tribeca Private provides advisory and wealth management solutions for a select group of ultra high net wealth clients based in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.

Our clients are a select group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional investors and families operating across some of the world’s fastest growing markets and industries. This allows us to share intelligence, resources and private market deal flow across our client network.

Tribeca is one of Manhattan’s key creative precincts. The refurbishing of former industrial and wharf areas has transformed the area into a place where the high and the low, the technological and the artisan, investment and creativity meet. This energy captured the imagination of David Aylward (Founder of Tribeca Investment Partners) on a visit to NYC. In particular, the area’s proximity to, yet clear separation from, Wall Street seemed an appropriate metaphor for Tribeca Investment Partners desire to be distinct from the mainstream.

Investment Driven.

Being owner-operated and unconstrained by institutional bureaucracy, we have an investment driven, as opposed to product driven, culture. We constantly seek the most attractive investment themes and ideas globally across asset classes

Partneship Focus.

We seek to build partnerships with founders and investment professionals who are thought leaders in their asset class, benefiting from their unique insights and perspectives to the benefit of our clients

Access to Deal Flow.

Our networks and connectivity to founders provide us with priority access to co-investments, block trades hybrids/bond issues, PRE-IPO/Last Private Offer/IPOs, primary and secondary VC/PE opportunities and other off-market deal flow


We work with a select group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and families across some of the world’s fastest growing markets and industries allowing us to share intelligence, resources and deal flow with our clients

Global Connectivity.

Our global networks and multi-asset class expertise allows us to understand and assist our clients navigate the complex challenges of managing significant wealth across multiple jurisdictions

Bespoke Approach.

Every solution is tailored to our client’s unique circumstances and objectives. We allow our clients to operate and invest like a family office without the requirement to establish and maintain one