Tribeca’s Singapore Office.

  • Tribeca Singapore holds a Capital Markets Services License and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Proximity to China, India and rapidly growing markets of S.E. Asia as well as key decisionmakers and information flow
  • Singapore as a wealth management and commodity trading hub
  • Tribeca is an active investor in Asian equities, credit and resources

Unique Opportunities.

  • The region’s opportunities and unique complexity creates true home court advantage for local platforms
  • As predicted by Asia Partners that there will be $20bn of market value created in S.E. Asia between 2019 & 2029
  • At least half of these companies will pursue IPOs over the next decade
  • 28,000 graduates of first generation tech companies of whom 1,200 are already next generation founders: regional winners will emerge from this group
  • While the Series A/B ecosystem has strengthened, there is an acute Series C/D gap in the market: S.E. Asia is ready for growth equity